# CTO Community: Interviews, Case Studies and more

Open Source is in the Core of Divante. We belive in sharing: code, knowledge, ideas. Some time ago we started building the community of eCommerce CTOs. Accessing this community gives you a very unique series of interviews, case studies and first and foremost - a place to share the knowledge and thoughts. No strings attached.

# Interview with Halil Köklü - CTO at LoveCrafts

Headless eCommerce is a new way of building eCommerce platforms that are ready for agile and fast adaptation to changing market requirements. How to start development with a headless approach?

Halil shares a very unique story of how LoveCrafts decided to migrate from Magento 1 towards headless architecture. How they selected the platform? What was the biggest challenge?

# Interview with Kelly Goetsch - CPO of commercetools

This massive shift is caused by unusual changes in the technology landscape. We have access to better, faster, and more agile solutions. On the other hand, many well-known business challenges remain the same. Many technical teams struggle with out-dated, legacy technologies and don’t know where to begin their process of change.

I've discussed how you design the API in the headless era? How the cloud-first platforms can be customized? How important the role of proper org. structure is for the success of microservices architecture?